Wey hey, how’s your day. It’s me Danya. Sorry about the crappy picture. I had to fit that walking rug in there, think of it as an exercise for your neck.. I’m calling it ‘salutation to the sidIMG_1521e’, pretty original, aye?

Anyways, in this post I’m going to talk about fonts. Yes, you heard me, fonts. For you ignorant netizens, fonts are the different styles of “virtual writing”. Now, I firmly believe that you can tell a lot about a person by their ffavourite font. Seriously, sometimes I know all of this reading-into-people’s-body-language-and-behaviour stuff and I scare myself, I should be a witch-doctor. Does anyone have a crystal ball for half-price?

Okay, back to the point. Fonts say a lot about people, do you want to know how? Here are the most common fonts and the reasons I may or not hate (usually I hate them, so..).



This my dear friends, is Comic Sans.

Comic Sans people are very hard to find as most regular people despise this infamous font (myself included). 

If your friend likes Comic Sans, they probably think rainbows have leprechauns sitting the end and unicorns live in clouds. These are the type of friends you love because of their innocence but you wonder how they’re going to survive puberty. Sigh. 


Curlz MT

Ugh, just ugh. No offence but this has to be the worst font I have ever seen. Why would you want swirls near your alphabets, why? Are we in pre-school? If you’re reading this blog post you’re probably not, bubba. 

Anyways, if they like Curly MT, they are probably very girly or they think that butterflies and flowers and glitter is rad. For some people this is acceptable, sorry I’m not one of them. These are the kind of people who know how to decorate and accesorise (whether they do it well or badly, that remains yet to be judged).


AHHHH, some relief. These fonts are the ones you see on essays, resumes, documents and in the shredder. These friends are the average Joe’s. The one you say hi or bye to. The regulars at a cafe’. You get, what I mean right? They are very up front and are quite loyal. If you want honesty, go to them. Or not. I’m not a cop, do whatever you want.


You might think that this is artistic, look closely. It’s not. Seriously, it looks like someone whipped their hair back and forth a little too hard if you ask me. But, these type of friends are very jovial and they like hugs. They are the cheerleaders in your pathetic little group of friends. Oh, stop crying, you know it’s true.


My favourite. Times New Roman means that they are no-nonsense people who know how to have fun. They the friend to get drunk with, because you know they’ll stay sober to send you home. They are the ones you have pity parties with. Basically, your best friend.



These fonts are the ones I would pick because f they were people I would marry them and go for long walks on the beach with them, wait what. Anyways, these are the type of fonts hipsters and tumblr people would pick. Typewriter, tall, thin and skinny and quirky writing probably means your friend is very vintage-ish, laidback and doesn’t give a damn about the world. This is the type of friend you would take to go on vacation. These kind of people are naturally artsy and very imaginative.


So, that’s all the fonts I have time for. If you are offened by any of this, please know that I am not a professional and these are my assumptions. If you have any thoughts, let me know in the comment section below. Okay? Okay. x 





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